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Why list with BostonHRE?

For most people, their property is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. It can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right team working on your behalf.

BostonHRE continues to stand above other agencies given our:

Exceptional market knowledge. Any agent can pull comparisons for you off of Zillow or Trulia. This is a great baseline of information for Sellers, but it only scratches the surface—and it’s information that Sellers could find without the assistance of an agent! BostonHRE brings a deeper understanding of local markets to the table: the broader market trends, the overlooked development projects that are transforming communities, information about homes that have exchanged hands but never actually came on the market. Only agents that are deeply rooted in their communities will be privy to such information.

Effective pricing tactics. With a combined 50+ years’ worth of experience, BostonHRE agents are adept at pricing homes to sell quickly and for maximum value. Not only do we provide clients with a thorough Competitive Market Analysis, but we also won’t shy away from consulting with our roster of experts, including a licensed appraiser, who can provide an independent assessment of a property’s value. Our effective strategies translate into realistic list prices, fewer days on market, contracts that we negotiate for top-dollar and deals that move forward without the fear of low bank appraisals down the line.

Innovative marketing solutions. A quick online search will uncover just how many agents create listings that are riddled with typos, spelling mistakes, CAPITAL LETTERS FOR NO REASON, sideways pictures – the list goes on. BostonHRE is laser-focused on producing only the highest-quality marketing packages. We enlist the support of a professional photographer, home staging experts and design consultants to ensure that your property is marketed elegantly, accurately and in a way that will reap you the highest value.

BostonHRE understands the growing importance of social and digital media, which is why agents are specially-trained to utilize the most cutting-edge online platforms. That notwithstanding, 80% of all sales are still made through personal connections, which is why BostonHRE remains so deeply engaged in community activities. For example, we have curated the work of local artists to display in the properties we list, effectively turning traditional real estate open houses in to pop-up art galleries that draw visitors from across the region. We find creative ways to facilitate interactions with people who may not have even realized they were in the market to buy!

Vast networking and community involvement. We mentioned it above, but it’s worth restating: four in five sales happen through personal connections. BostonHRE has a broad network and deep personal relationships, which allows us access to an untapped pool of buyers and other professional resources—from lawyers and mortgage brokers, to design and repair services. Our network continues to strengthen as a result of our agents’ ongoing community involvement and activities. BostonHRE agents sit on boards, neighborhood groups and real estate committees. They sponsor fundraisers, run in road races and host free yoga classes. They shop local. All of these activities are important in their own right, but collectively, they have established BostonHRE as one of the most community-oriented real estate agencies in Boston.

Impeccable communication and service. In today’s 24-7 connected world, we understand it’s important for clients to be able to get in touch with us at any hour of the day. Our availability is one of the reasons we draw so many national and international clients—time zone changes don’t phase us. But availability is only one piece of the puzzle. BostonHRE agents have been hand-selected for their customer service orientation. We have a friendly but firm approach that allows us to communicate effectively with clients, agents and other parties to the transaction, even in tense or complex circumstances.

Stellar reputation and ethical standards. BostonHRE rarely works with a client just once. Instead, we develop long-term relationships with our clients to assist them on any number of projects (buying, selling, leasing, and so forth). How do we develop such strong relationships? It’s simple: BostonHRE combines its proven track record of success with its overarching values of honesty, integrity and community. Our commitment to the highest ethical standards is reflected in our agents being members of the National Association of REALTORS, in which all members pledge to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Integrity will always trump all other BostonHRE skill sets and values.