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What does BostonHRE offer renters?

There’s perhaps never been a more difficult time for the Boston-area renter. Apartment vacancy rates have dropped from a healthy 5.5% in 2006 to 3.5% in 2015. The tight market means competition for apartments is high and the costs are expensive. What’s worse, there’s seems to be relatively little relief in sight given that most new units coming on the market in luxury towers. Finding a reasonably-priced unit in your preferred neighborhood on your timeline will be a challenge without a knowledgeable real estate agent working on your behalf. BostonHRE provides renters with many important services to make the process less burdensome:

Vast knowledge of available apartments. BostonHRE has some of the Boston’s top-producing rental agents on its team. Our agents are so highly-successful given their access to integrated databases that feature real-time information about available apartments and lease terms. What’s more, the BostonHRE team is intimately involved in the local community so our agents often become aware of one-off listings that are never included in public databases. It’s not uncommon for a client to be on the fence about selling their home, but who would be interested in leasing their property if the right tenant came along. Let us help facilitate those connections for you.

Close relationships with landlords. Because BostonHRE provides a full suite of services to its clients, we have many existing relationships with landlords—many of whom we have been working with since they originally purchased or renovated their properties. We have the credibility, the relationships and importantly, the ear of local landlords. We can help renters access units in our investors’ buildings, and can negotiate favorable lease terms given these strong relationships.

Unparalleled understanding of neighborhoods. Our agents have been inside virtually all apartment complexes and mixed-use properties in East Boston, and most throughout the region. We know the rental market lay of the land, and have a nuanced understanding of what rental prices will be, including which range of amenities each property offers. Beyond the physical infrastructure, we have detailed knowledge about price points, parking regulations, transit access, school systems, local parks and other amenities throughout various neighborhoods. This allows us show clients a number of units that meet their specific needs, while perhaps opening the door to a neighborhood they did not previously consider as a viable alternative.

Availability and responsiveness. Boston’s apartment rentals move fast. BostonHRE moves faster. Our agents are readily accessible 24-hours a day in order to ensure that our clients get in to see properties, submit deposits and lock in leases before the unit is gone. In this market, you can’t afford to blink, so neither will we.