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What does BostonHRE offer investors?

Real estate investments can come in many shapes and sizes, from the multi-family apartment rental to the more complex mixed-use development projects that require zoning relief and city approvals. No two investments are alike. BostonHRE provides a suite of services for the novice and experienced investor alike, including:

Extensive rental market knowledge. While our particular expertise is selling multifamily residential properties and smaller-scale mixed-use projects, BostonHRE is equally adept when it comes to finding investment-worthy single families and condos across the region. Our highly experienced team has an unrivaled knowledge of the local market, which together with extensive research on prevailing economic factors and comparable properties, ensure that we evaluate a range of market opportunities for clients based upon the goals or returns they’ve set out to achieve.

 Access to off-market properties. Given our deep roots in the local community and with other agents, we have unparalleled access to off-market properties. We routinely arrange a first-look of properties for our investor clients, which can lead to its purchase at a significant price reduction versus properties publically listed on MLS. Similarly, with boots on the ground every day, we are privy to information about businesses interested in commercial, retail and restaurant spaces here locally. Not only will BostonHRE find you a solid investment—we can help you fully lease it.

 Profit analysis for condo conversions or holds. You’ve been eyeing a 3-family property with strong cash flow: should you buy the property and hold, or will it generate you more income through a condo conversion? Many factors come in to play: initial investment required, renovation expenses, capital gains taxes, sales commissions, how profits will be reinvested (if at all) – it’s not as straightforward of a calculation as you might expect. BostonHRE works with each investor to understand his or her specific needs, investment objectives and timeline to help investors make informed decisions about whether to convert or hold properties accordingly.

 Pricing projections. You know the Boston rental market is strong—but just how strong? At BostonHRE, we still believe in the power of good ol’ market research. We subscribe to industry journals and follow real estate, construction and capital markets closely. We monitor similar projects throughout the region to understand shifting market dynamics. Our extensive comparative market analyses provide investors with a full risk analysis, from traffic counts to realistic vacancy and credit loss projections. Based upon our thorough market knowledge, our carefully selected team advises investors on the acquisition, disposition and leasing of property. This helps each client make the most informed decisions about their valuable real estate investments.

 Design consulting with marketing coordination. BostonHRE provides the same high-quality marketing services to investors as it does its traditional sellers. The suite of services for investors, though, is supplemented through design consulting that helps reduce the costs of additional tenant improvements down the line. As our marketing efforts secure tenants for properties, we work with investors to craft leases that far exceed the owner’s financial obligations in order to provide a steady and strong cash flow.

 Facilitate buyer project approvals. Greater Boston is in the midst of a dramatic development boom. This provides unique opportunities for investors, but also typically requires ongoing coordination with city and state agencies to facilitate project approvals. The BostonHRE team is adept at securing all necessary permits, and has a proven-track record of initiating the zoning relief needed for projects to move forward.