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As one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, it’s perhaps no surprise that Charlestown is best known for its historical significance: it is the home of the U.S.S. Constitution, the Charlestown Navy Yard, the Bunker Hill Monument and it is where Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride.

Charlestown is also revered (no pun intended!) for its prime waterfront access. The neighborhood is situated on a peninsula just north of downtown Boston, and is flanked by the banks of the Boston Harbor and the Mystic River. Two marinas – Constitution Marina and Shipyard Quarters Marina – have experienced significant private investment over the past decade and have since transformed the waterfront into a bustling area for people of all ages.

Today, high-end luxury condos are scattered amongst brick and wooden brownstones, creating a truly eclectic residential neighborhood where architecture preserves the old while embracing the new. Once a traditional Irish enclave, Charlestown is now a haven for young professionals and families who long for a close-knit community but who want immediate access (by foot, bike, car, public transit, and even water taxi!) to Boston’s North End and Financial District.

Contemporary retail and restaurants have breathed new life into Charlestown’s gas-lit streets. But once again, old and new blend together effortlessly, with Charlestown’s newcomers coexisting alongside well-known establishments like Warren Tavern, the oldest tavern in Massachusetts. New parks, piers and green spaces have only added to this amenity-laden neighborhood. Combined with its stunning views of Boston’s skyline, Charlestown offers a perfect balance for the person who wants it all.